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Beginner friendly and affordable but full of sophisticated features. Soundslides allows you to easily share your slideshows on the Web or convert them to video.

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“ Put the two together – great audio documentary and great still images – and you have something that is potentially MORE than great storytelling. ”

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Soundslides Hosting

Host your audio slideshow project with us!

Soundslides Hosting (Beta) is an affordable slideshow hosting system for Soundslides slideshows. Designed for users who don't have Web space for posting slideshows.

To sign up, visit the page below and enter your e-mail address for an invite.

Soundslides Hosting

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Soundslides Plus v1.9.5

Soundslides v1.9.5

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Check out this sample to see what people are doing with Soundslides. It’s favored by leading photographers and journalists; Soundslides software is easy enough for anyone to use.

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Play your Soundslides audio slide-
show on your iPhone, Android, iPad, and most other compatible devices.Soundslides is compatible with iOS and HTML5.

Soundslides is Mobile - Works on iOS, HTML5 and Javascript

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Simple software to make slideshows that synchronize audio with images. Take a sound file & photos; add them together.

Check out a few well known media outlets who have created incredible audio slideshows as well as some institutions who use Soundslides for teaching great story telling.

Ridiculously simple storytelling

Soundslides allows storytellers to concentrate on the story, rather than the application. Created for journalists and other storytellers on deadline, Soundslides is designed to make quick work of slide show production.

Fast and intuitive

Soundslides operates in a single window on your Windows or Mac OS X computer, with a straightforward interface that leads you through importing your images and audio. Editing tools are familiar and behave the way you'd expect.

Built for storytelling

It doesn't do print layout. You can't use it to mix your band's new demo. What Soundslides does is make it easy for you to present your images with impact, then sync them seamlessly with any audio track. With Soundslides Plus, you can even skip the sound and just focus on the images.

From blogs to full-screen to video

Are you a photojournalist needing to document an overseas trip in a full-screen presentation on your organization's Web site? Soundslides makes it simple. Are you a public relations officer documenting your firm's projects in a blog? Are you a wedding photographer looking to differentiate the story you tell? Soundslides does that too, with online tools that make embedding easy. Export to mobile friendly iOS HTML5 or convert your slideshow to video using our online video converter.

Field tested on deadline

Soundslides has been in use at major media outlets and public relations offices around the world since 2005, and it's a favorite of university media labs. Whether it's breaking news or a project that landed on your desk at the last minute, Soundslides provides the simplicity and reliability to get your project online with time to spare.